Welcome to the new blog!

Moving to the new blog has been stressful.

Next August will make this blog idea 10 years-old. I learned quite a bit during that time. I would say that I received some of the best education ever just by doing the darned thing. You have to think before you publish. It becomes a habit.

I don’t really like the design of the new blog. I don’t care right now; what was bothering me was knowing this blog is almost full (97%) and I had to move quickly. However, I start with a handicap because I refuse to pay for it. I figure WP makes enough just from advertising on my pages. Also, I want the poorest persons from Nepal or Rio De Janeiro, or whatever, to have the same privileges I have. That is why we have the Internet. Not just to make money ye capitalistic swine. Happy face emoticon.

Anyhow, I’ll tweak the new blog as I go but presently I am more focused on the content. I want to think again.

Welcome to all of you who have been here since before it was born,


Understanding the sinister agenda being forced upon us