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Polish General encourages polish soldiers to fight against American occupation

An appeal calling for Polish soldiers to fight against America’s occupation of Poland has been published on the website of the Polish military academy

Polish General encourages polish soldiers to fight against american occupation

An appeal calling for Polish soldiers to fight against America’s occupation of Poland has been published on the website of the Polish military academy:

Dear fellow Soldiers,

Today the ruling party politicians are again leading us to disaster.  We are all aware that our security is not only about signing pacts. It is not the treaties themselves that give a sense of calm, they are only legal documents. Poland had a lot of them before World War II, but this did not save the country from aggression, even from those who were among signatories.

Relations with Washington are a priority for the governing party politicians. For years Poland has been engaged in various US speculations. Contrary to official declarations of our politicians that American soldiers are on the Polish soil to train and to ensure the security of NATO’s eastern flank, Americans are pursuing their own interests and are trying to demonstrate their military strength.

Over and over again politicians hold us up as a nation to universal ridicule. They used lies to achieve their political goals throughout history by defining the defenders of our homeland’s independence as “criminals”, as well as by creating an atmosphere of aggression.

We are under American so-called voluntary occupation which is, in fact, a forced one. Carrying out Defender Europe 20 maneuvers near the Russian border is an obvious provocation suggesting that a significant threat to Poland and the entire Alliance actually originates from Russia. Today, the phobic disposition of the Polish leaders dominates common sense. This does not promote Poland’s security, our country is rather perceived as a battlefield.

What really counts today is lame slogans for the followers of the new religion of lies, not smart international policy. The fascist ideology which killed 6 million Poles in earlier times is being reborn under the protection of the state. I swear it hurts me to my heart, but I have to admit that it also flows from the Ministry of National Defense.

Our blood has always been cheap, but this time politicians play with your blood. It’s your life, your decisions and your shame!

I will fight with every means I have at my disposal and take every opportunity to keep my oath.

With soldier’s greetings,

Brig. Gen. Ryszard Parafianowicz,nID,6374
General plea

Poland Follows Denmark in Blocking Tax Haven Companies from Coronavirus Relief


April 21, 2020

In all, the global corporate tax system loses an estimated US$500 billion to avoidance annually, over three times the NHS budget, or roughly equivalent to the entire Gross Domestic Product of Belgium. Tax havens linked to the UK are responsible for around a third of the world’s corporate tax avoidance risk.

The government of Poland has followed Denmark in blocking companies registered in offshore tax havens from reaping coronavirus financial relief funds.

On 18th April, Stockholm announced companies which pay dividends to shareholders, buy back their own shares or are registered in offshore tax jurisdictions won’t be eligible for any state aid programmes, intended to ease the financial burden on firms suffering from the Covid19 lockdown.

“Companies seeking compensation must pay the tax to which they’re liable under international agreements and national rules. Companies based on tax havens in accordance with EU guidelines cannot receive compensation, insofar as it is possible to cut them off under EU law and any other international obligations,” the Danish finance ministry said in a statement.

Poland has now included similar caveats in its own state bail-out schemes – in all, PLN 25 billion is available to companies operating in the country, but they must pay tax there to benefit.

“Companies usually fail not because of decreasing profits, but in a situation when there is no income. We must respond quickly and input this missing liquidity into the market and compensate for it as soon as possible. Let’s end tax havens, which are the bane of modern economies,” Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at a press conference, unveiling the relief scheme.

No Tax Please, We’re British

The moves have led to calls on social media for similar restrictions to be added to state bailout packages in the UK. In 2019, the Tax Justice Network found the country was by far the world’s biggest enabler of corporate tax dodging, assisting in the funneling of hundreds of billions of dollars away from state coffers.

Moreover, it found that of the top 10 jurisdictions allowing multinationals to avoid paying billions in tax on their profits, four were British overseas territories. Topping the list was the British Virgin Islands, followed by Bermuda and the Cayman Islands – all British overseas territories. Jersey, a Crown dependency, was seventh while the UK itself came 13th.

Other countries in the UK network, including Turks and Caicos Islands, Anguilla, the Isle of Man, and Guernsey, also scored highly for corporate tax dodging.