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Sweden: A Beacon Of Light Against A World Gone Mad

The ‘Rona Squeeze & A Swedish Hip-Hopper

And so it was time again.

Tightened restrictions, mandatory limits on public life, curfews, orders to stay-at-home, travel bans with invasive hoops, and all the other anti-corona policies that ostensibly aren’t lookdowns: they look like lockdowns, they quack like lockdowns, but in these euphemism-prone times we call them by any other names than lockdowns.

Maddeningly, the goalpost keeps shifting, updating life and language faster and better than George Orwell himself could have done.

  • First, we had to take precautions to flatten the curve. Hospitals and fears, remember? Then we had to stop travelling, or visit the mall ‒ because who needs that, anyway?
  • Then we had to wear cloth over our faces and stay away from each other. For the elderly’s sake, naturally.
  • Then we had to give up public life for everyone’s sake.
  • The next step, bravely taken by authoritarian politicians and epidemiologists across the Western world, is to intentionally overdo the restrictions ‒ “for now” ‒ so that we have any hope of getting freedoms back for the holidays.

No matter how hard these enlightened autocrats have squeezed, this badly-behaved virus refuses to listen. How odd, they must think; we passed a law, made an announcement ‒ why isn’t it working?

Back to your rooms, the Austrians said. After an explosive number of positive tests in the last week, enough with the provisional liberties and niceties, you’re grounded for the rest of November. Gatherings and cultural events are closed; Christmas markets are out. The Icelanders, already in the spring proclaimed corona free and all summer celebrated in puff pieces by Elizabeth Kolbert in The New Yorker and Adam Roy Gordon in the Atlantic, still dreamily speak of celebrating Christmas.

When the latest rounds of tighter and tighter restrictions came into effect this week, the government talking heads, and the prime minister in particular, told their subjects to give up on Halloween and the next few weeks. Let’s sacrifice these few weeks, they said, so that we can loosen restrictions for Christmas. Fat chance.

The Brits and the French have been even more adamant on setting timelines, or “circuit-breakers,” on their invasive policies. We strip you of liberties, dignities, and the things in which most people find joy ‒ but for a good cause, and just for a little while, okay?

The naivety here was always impressive. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Most people could have plausibly believed what their politicians told them about timelines in the spring; this was a new situation, we didn’t know what the novel threat was, and old handbooks could be thrown out before anyone had time to object. The withdrawn freedoms would be rolled back in time, but as political economist Robert Higgs taught us long ago, never quite fully.

A little over half a year later, we’re going through the same ordeal again. With much better knowledge about the (overblown) risks, with much better tools in preventing spread and safeguarding the elderly. Still, it doesn’t seem to matter. The political overlords, not exactly known for their excellence in interpreting statistics, look at their exponential graphs ‒ and do the exact same thing they did in the spring.

It’s almost as if the virus doesn’t care about your crackdowns, your faster and harder tightening of the societal and commercial noose. If you squeeze people just a little bit more, maybe ‒ just maybe ‒ the virus will listen…? French ministers, like American policy-makers in the spring, started mandating what kinds of products may be on the supermarket shelves: soap is acceptable; makeup isn’t. The Germans, widely celebrated for their track-and-trace program and generous financial schemes, opted for a “mild” lockdown ‒ “just” for four weeks. Perhaps, suggested Holman Jenkins in the Wall Street Journal recently, “the bigger numbers might suggest we are grappling with a natural phenomenon over which we exercise little control.”

Take the bamboozled and highly infected discussion over mask-wearing. They’re effective, they’re not effective; they’re effective if you use them right; and even if they’re not, every little bit counts. In its beautiful infographic, the New York Times describes how they work: “A good mask will have a large surface area, a tight fit around the edges, and a shape that leaves space around your nostrils and mouth.”

Even if accurate, we don’t need to go much further than our closest supermarket to notice that that’s not the kind of masks worn by most people. Most people wear loosely fitted, thin pieces of cloth that probably capture some particles ‒ what do I know? ‒ but is unlikely to approach the efficacy that its proponents describe. We reuse them without washing them ‒ can anyone really be bothered? ‒ we don’t put them on properly, they leak left-right-and-center.

The fallback line? Well, not individually but they’re part of a bigger package. The New York Times quotes Linsey Marr at Virginia Tech saying that “something is better than nothing.”

Perhaps every little helps in a what-otherwise-would-have-been sense, but that’s not how most decision-makers justify the above withdrawal of our liberties. Rather, they say that the infection rates are “too high,” the curve too steep, the hospital capacity for treatment too close for comfort. Presuming their honesty ‒ the faking of which I don’t put past them ‒ there’s scant evidence that aggregate mask use correlates in any way with infection rates.

Sweden, where virtually nobody outside hospital settings uses masks, has had lower 7-days rolling deaths per capita than the U.S. for four months straight; lower than the mask-wielding and lockdown-prone U.K. for almost two months. Even the much-praised German experience now has more people dying from (and with) Covid-19 than Sweden does. Infection rates and spread too: the trends since the height of summer or beginning of fall look the same, regardless if you’re a massively mask-wielding country or not.

Yes, it is possible that without widespread mask use among Americans and Brits, infection rates would have even higher and death rates too. I keep wondering, what would the numbers have to look like for you to even consider that what we’re doing isn’t working? That perhaps locking down societies, practically, doesn’t do much to combat the disease, but quite a lot to ruin people’s lives and livelihoods?

We can choose cherry-picked countries for our various cases all we like: the “success stories” of Vietnam, New Zealand, or Australia haven’t done things much differently than Denmark, Austria, France, U.K. or the U.S.: squeeze your populace, and say the magic incantations. Perhaps the virus deity will grant your wishes.

I’m reminded of two-decades-old words by Jason Diakité (stage name ‘Timbuktu’), one of my favorite musicians and one of the most successful hip-hoppers in Sweden. In the early 2000s, he released a pretty obscure song called Ett Brev (“A Letter”) structured like a letter to the then-prime minister of Sweden. A political rapper ‒ naturally hard left like all good artists ‒ Diakité was objecting to the many frightening trends he saw in Europe: dismantled social safety nets, overburdened health care services, opposition and hatred towards immigrants. He explicitly included a list of countries where Nazis were allegedly “gaining the upper hand” in typical Antifa-like hyperbole: France, Italy, “BeNeLux,” and Sweden’s immediate neighbor Denmark. The list of places going radically south, as he saw it, was long.

In all of these places, “Forces for good have presumably surrendered.” Little did Diakité know that almost two decades after he penned those provocative lines, his words would ring true across most of the Western world.

The authoritarian threat of 2020 is very different, and instead of neo-Nazi movements of the early 2000s, the culprits are established, well-meaning politicians and technocrats. Much like then, Sweden is depicted as a beacon of light, standing against a world gone mad, the last outpost of sanity and the values underpinning Western Liberal Democracy.

Most everywhere else, different rules apply: no matter the facts, we must squeeze harder. The badly-behaved virus must stop progressing, must cease and desist. Anything else, apparently, “just doesn’t seem worth it.”

‘Striking’ evidence emerges that TB vaccine may be effective against Covid-19 — countries that use it have TEN TIMES fewer cases

From data gathered over 15 days of the current pandemic, incidence of Covid-19 was 38.4/million in countries with BCG vaccination compared to 358.4/million in countries without. The mortality rate was 4.28/million in countries with BCG programs compared to 40/million in countries without such a program.
By Peter Andrews, Irish science journalist and writer based in London. He has a background in the life sciences, and graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in genetics.
‘Striking’ evidence emerges that TB vaccine may be effective against Covid-19 — countries that use it have TEN TIMES fewer cases
The world may not have to wait 12 to 18 months for a Covid-19 vaccine — scientists hope a TB shot can be adapted to fight it much more quickly. But the research so far is based on statistics, and clinical trials are still needed.

Exciting new findings suggest that the cure for the coronavirus may have been under our noses all this time. Evidence is emerging that the commonly used BCG vaccine appears to be protective against Covid-19.

Bacillus Calmette–Guérin, or BCG vaccine, is commonly used to inoculate against tuberculosis (TB). It works by delivering a boost to the immune system cells in the bone marrow, which are then released and respond to all sorts of pathogens. That helps to protect against TB, but also a host of other diseases. It is used to treat measles, malaria, bladder cancer, and it also decreases respiratory infections in older people. This general protective effect of BCG prompted the scientists to investigate whether it might work for Covid-19 as well.

And in a preprint paper that has been submitted for publication to major scientific journals, but is available for download here, scientists have found ‘’striking’’ evidence suggesting that the BCG could be co-opted for use against Covid-19. Whether a country has a BCG vaccination programme or not appears to correlate with how many Covid-19 cases they have.

Nothing seems to work

Different countries have taken drastically different approaches to the coronavirus pandemic. But there appears to be no discernable pattern across countries depending on the measures they have taken to control the virus. From Big Data-enabled lockdowns in East Asia to a laissez-faire policy in Sweden, the infected and mortality figures do not seem to correlate with the measures at all.

But at last one correlation has emerged: countries with BCG vaccination programmes are having fewer cases than those without. In this study, 178 countries were included, of which 131 have national programmes of BCG vaccination, 21 do not, and 26 have an unknown status. Interestingly, the USA and Italy are among the rich, developed countries to have never had a universal BCG programme. Spain also does not have one, but their Iberian neighbours Portugal do, and they had only 209 deaths at the time of writing. The UK ran a modest vaccination programme that ended in 2005.

From data gathered over 15 days of the current pandemic, incidence of Covid-19 was 38.4/million in countries with BCG vaccination compared to 358.4/million in countries without. The mortality rate was 4.28/million in countries with BCG programs compared to 40/million in countries without such a program.

Therefore, there are roughly 10 times fewer cases and deaths in countries with BCG vaccination. One of the paper’s co-authors, Dr Ashish Kamat, said that “While we expected to see a protective effect of BCG, the magnitude of the difference (almost 10 fold) in incidence and mortality (of Covid-19) between countries with and without a BCG vaccination program was pleasantly surprising.’’

Other possible factors need checking

This study being about a correlation, of course the ‘’not causation’’ business must be mentioned. There are a host of qualifiers and caveats to the study, which basically amount to the possibility that factors other than the BCG status are affecting the figures for cases and deaths from Covid-19 coming out of those countries. Then again, they may not be.

Vaccine development is possibly the most cautious of all scientific endeavours, which is why rolling out a new one for this coronavirus will take at least a year, and probably longer. Patients who are given the vaccine as a trial must be monitored for at least six months to check for any potential side effects, and then follow further months of data analysis and bureaucratic procedures.

Adjusting an existing vaccine, however, could happen much faster, perhaps in half the time. Professor Robert Gallo of the Institute of Human Virology in Maryland says that he and his team will shortly make a major announcement, which is likely to involve an adjusted existing vaccine being computed for coronavirus.

Meanwhile, at least seven clinical trials have been launched for BCG as a treatment for Covid-19, including ones in Australia and the Netherlands. Hopefully there is more to this study than just correlation. If there is, we might get out of this lockdown sooner rather than later.

Sweden Vs COVID-19: Why “Herd Immunity” Matters and Why Lockdown Doesn’t Really Work


Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government (he hired Anders Tegnell who is currently directing Swedish strategy), the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and an advisor to the director general of the WHO, lays out with typically Swedish bluntness why he thinks:

  • UK policy on lockdown and other European countries are not evidence-based
  • The correct policy is to protect the old and the frail only
  • This will eventually lead to herd immunity as a “by-product”
  • The initial UK response, before the “180 degree U-turn”, was better
  • The Imperial College paper was “not very good” and he has never seen an unpublished paper have so much policy impact
  • The paper was very much too pessimistic
  • Any such models are a dubious basis for public policy anyway
  • The flattening of the curve is due to the most vulnerable dying first as much as the lockdown
  • The results will eventually be similar for all countries
  • Covid-19 is a “mild disease” and similar to the flu, and it was the novelty of the disease that scared people.
  • The actual fatality rate of Covid-19 is the region of 0.1%
  • At least 50% of the population of both the UK and Sweden will be shown to have already had the disease when mass antibody testing becomes available

UnHerd host Freddy Sayers speaks with Professor Johan Giesecke in what they describe as one of the most extraordinary interviews they have done… Watch:

The Massive Covid-19 Hoax

I hope he is right but meanwhile I will keep precautions and follow the advice of our medical rulers.

By all accounts and from the very beginning it was clear that Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) was at the very most a bad cold – little more dangerous than the annual flu – but being deliberately hyped to stampede the public into a tangled web of bad policies.

As early as last month cooler-headed experts warned that hyped death rates spread by politicians, the Western corporate media, other various panic-mongers, and even World Health Organization (WHO) officials would give way to much, much lower death rates as more people were tested, found to have had the virus, and showed little to no symptoms.

The numbers of infections versus deaths in Iceland where testing has been the most widespread shows a death rate of about 0.5%, though only 5% of the population has been tested. 50% of those tested showed no symptoms at all meaning that many, many more Icelanders likely had the virus, overcame it with ease, and never visited a doctor or hospital to avail themselves for testing or to make into national Covid-19 statistics.

Another study conducted in the United States by Stanford University found the infection rate was likely 50-85 times higher than reported – meaning the death rate was astronomically lower than reported at around 0.2% to as low as 0.12% – not the 3-4% claimed by the World Health Organization.

In other words – Covid-19 is no more dangerous or deadly than the annual flu. But it has been hyped as such by Western politicians, the Western corporate media, and even international institutions like WHO – a deliberate deception accompanied by coordinated theater including government briefings with reporters comically spaced out in “fear” of contracting Covid-19.

Other props used to panic the public into imprisoning themselves at home and accepting the immense socioeconomic damage “lockdowns” are causing included showing the expotential graphs of infections seemingly rising straight up with no end in sight.

If responsible journalists put these graphs in context – say, perhaps next to annual flu infection curves – the public would notice they are identical and simply represent the way the flu, colds, and Covid-19 which is related to both – work their way through populations.

The same goes for total deaths. Should the media present Covid-19 deaths in the context of and in comparison to annual deaths from the flu, Americans – for example – would see that versus the 2019 flu season, Covid-19 is actually 30,000-40,000 deaths short of just matching the common flu – saying nothing of living up to the hype and hysteria the government and media have deliberately created around Covid-19 to justify lockdowns.

So why have governments around the globe crippled their economies, put millions out of work, and placed draconian measures in place to, in essence, imprison their populations at home?

Those with power and money seek to keep what they have and to take what little is left in the hands of others. During the manufactured “War on Terror,” similar hysteria was deliberately spread across society to justify draconian police powers at home and endless wars abroad – pouring ultimately trillions into the accounts of defense contractors and the financial institutions invested in them.

During a manufactured health crisis like the 2009 H1N1 “Swine Flu” outbreak, the unfounded fear of an uncontrollable pathogen ravaging the population helped justify the centralizing of control over people’s health and lifestyle while pumping billions in pubic funding into the coffers of big-pharma.

And here we are again with the very same interests who lied to us about all of the above, doing it again and on a much larger and more destructive scale – creating socioeconomic havoc virtually no one will escape completely.

If the Covid-19 hoax doesn’t convince you to divest from the politicians and the corporations they serve – including divesting from big-business’ goods and services – nothing will. Special interests just beta-tested turning entire nations into virtual prisons. If people allow it this time, their ability to do it again and to an even greater and more disruptive degree is all but guaranteed.


Tony Cartalucci writes on his blog site, Land Destroyer Report, where this article was originally published. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

All images in this article are from LDR unless otherwise stated


I like how Mac Slavo thinks but the revolution will be bloody. In all of history, name one time when the powerful elites shared the wealth and privileges they enjoy with the peasants?  Of course, we must abhor violence at all costs.  This is how the ruling classes have kept us in slavery by having us fight among each other. The Romans perfected this, Divide and Conquer. There are other ways, such as ignoring what the elites call wealth and boycotting everything they own and control. Yup, that means the boycotting of all corporations. Etc. Lou

Mac Slavo
April 19th, 2020

The mainstream media, who is responsible for pushing the government’s totalitarian ideals on the public are both crashing and burning along with their puppet masters as people constantly disobey their orders.  People all over the world are protesting the authoritarian boot on their throat and it’s only a matter of time until the power structure crumbles for good.

It’s a good time to commend humanity.  If anything good has come out of this “plandemic” it’s that people’s eyes are now wide open to the tyranny and police states they’ve been living under for centuries. Humanity is awakening to the fact that they own themselves and their lives are not to be gambled with by politicians.  I personally believe that this “pandemic” is going to be the beginning of the end of the ruling class, and it could not have come sooner.

As James Corbett of the Corbett report said: “No surprise that you are not hearing about this at all…so if you do want actual information about what is happening with these protests, you are, of course, going to have to online independent sources of information.”

Many in Big Tech are attempting censorship right now and we have, unfortunately, been signaled out for not toeing the line and falling in line with the ruling class and their calls for totalitarianism. At this point, I’m concerned with humanity’s right, freedom, liberty, and regaining self-ownership.  Let history show who was on the wrong side of this issue.

Real information can be found at the Corbett Report, and Del Bigtree’s YouTube channel. You can also watch the Ron Paul liberty report for some non-biased information.  People all over the planet are pushing back against tyranny.  We are no longer a small minority. The elitists have finally pushed the masses too far and the truth will get out.

If we stand together and oppose this tyranny right now, we can all experience the freedom we have owed at birth but denied by politicians and elitists.  It’s possible to break the chains of tyranny as we can see RIGHT NOW!

As James Corbett said:

“The real truth that they desperately don’t want you to think about is that they need your compliance to make this happen. This is an exceptionally important point. This is the reason why so much time, effort, attention, and energy is directed into propagandizing the public on various things. It is because what you think, what you believe, influences the way you act and what you are or are not willing to accept. You control reality. You control your reality. This us…the reason why propaganda even exists.”

Corbett adds:

“The way to defy this, the way to end the lockdown is not some occult mystery, it’s not going to require some sort of 18-dimensional chess, it’s not gonna be some big plan…no! You end the lockdown because the lockdown only happens because of compliance, because of people complying with it; because people go along with it. This is NOT a difficult point.”

Corbett lays it out just like we have. The time for disobeying is now. The time to reclaim your freedom is now. We are many and they are few. We decide when the draconian tyranny ends. And it ends NOW.

“If you dare do so in defiance of government orders, if you dare to try to open your business during this lockdown…there is strength in numbers.

The lockdown only exists because people comply with it.”

Stop waiting for “authorities” or rulers or politicians to tell you what to do! You own yourself. Don’t comply with tyranny or the tattle tale mini tyrants who love their own slavery and will stop at nothing to see others enslaved along with them. This is a pivotal time in history, and for people like Bill Gates. Gates’ days in power are numbered. The police state’s days are numbered. We are the ones who control our own lives. And we are many.

Start thinking for yourself. Start to know no one owns you. No government, no politician, no law enforcement officer, no bureaucrat and not state worker owns you.  No human can make a rightful owner and no human can make a rightful slave.  Realize the power you have in just realizing you own yourself.  It doesn’t matter how many votes a politician gets. It doesn’t matter what he commands, he still doesn’t own YOU.

This video from Corbett is powerful and hopefully, we can all start to realize we are humans too and we deserve rights, freedom, and to live our lives free from coercion just like the politicians do. This has never been about protecting lives, but about tyranny and control. Let’s show the elites that they own only what they’ve worked for. WE own OURSELVES!

If new data suggesting Covid-19 no more lethal than FLU is correct, should the world REVERSE its lockdown strategy?
Peter Andrews
If new data suggesting Covid-19 no more lethal than FLU is correct, should the world REVERSE its lockdown strategy?
With each passing day, we learn more about the coronavirus. And some studies suggest that the virus’s bark may be worse than its bite. Now that the initial panic is over, maybe it’s time to reappraise lockdown plans.

A recent Stanford University study found the Covid-19 infection rate is probably between 50 and 85 times higher than official figures had previously indicated. The study looked for antibodies in 3,330 people in Santa Clara County. Antibodies develop in the blood after someone has been infected with the coronavirus and cleared it. And a much greater proportion of Santa Clarans had them than official figures had at that point suggested.

If the findings — which have yet to be peer reviewed — are sound, then it takes yet another thick slice off the mortality rate of Covid-19. It would now be something under 0.14 percent, putting it on a par with, or even lower than, the seasonal flu. Hence the good news.

READ MORE: Covid-19 much more widespread than thought, and NO MORE DEADLY THAN FLU, suggests new Stanford study

Larger scale studies are underway, but research of this nature should not wash over the coronavirus discussion. It should immediately be brought to the attention of all top public health officials and epidemiologists advising governments on the best course of action. We may be due for a course correction.

A new phase of the crisis

Dr John Lee, a British retired consultant pathologist, has been doggedly making the point that we simply do not know very much about the coronavirus. “An awful lot of what’s been presented as facts … is actually hypothesis, supposition and assumption … that’s come out of models about how the virus might behave,” he said on a recent television appearance. And since these models are based on flawed testing protocols and hugely variable data processing from different countries, politicians should not pretend to be on the side of science when sermonising to their nations.

“When the facts change, I change my mind,’’ as the great economist John Maynard Keynes put it. Those were words to live by. Politicians should not feel chained to one course of action for fear that deviating from it would embarrass them—this would be to cut off their nose to spite their face. The stakes are too high now to put political capital ahead of national interests.

ALSO ON RT.COMPossibly ‘deepest since Great Depression’: UN chief Guterres warns about pandemic-induced economic downturn

We have entered a second stage of the virus crisis. The first stage was a scramble to act in the face of an invisible enemy, whose potential for harm seemed almost unlimited. Governments everywhere felt that they had no choice but to hit the big red button, and like a chain of falling dominoes one after another took unprecedented lockdown measures from around the middle of March.

But now things have stabilized in much of the world, and are clearly on the downswing in badly-hit places like Italy, Spain, China and Australia. In this calm after the storm, politicians and the public health experts advising governments should take the opportunity to re-examine the evidence and decide a new, and more targeted, course of action for the future.