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RECONNECT THE MOVIE – GLOBAL PREMIERE FT. Dennis McKenna, Jordan Peterson, Dorian Yates and More

Conflicted between the extremes of global expansion and personal connection, Brian Rose decides to travel to Costa Rica to participate in multiple ceremonies with the psychedelic plant medicine Ayahuasca. There he reconnects with his vision and purpose but also uncovers childhood trauma that creates an existential crisis in his life. After returning to London with clear visions about the future, he soon realises that things are not what he expected and that real transformation and healing must include pain, challenges and doing the uncomfortable.

“Just like each piece of content put out by brian rose this speaks for itself, and you the viewer make your own assessment. This isn’t biased, this isn’t propaganda designed to influence you to believe in someone else’s agenda. This is a real truthful documentary. Don’t abide by the decisions of others, but rather make your own assessments based on facts.”