Biden Will Be America at Her Best

“…Donald Trump, a psychopathic bumbler with low normal intelligence and a penchant for drawing to him the angry, the fearful and the hate ridden.”
Author: Gordon Duff



For four ugly years, world organized crime, acting through its stranglehold on American government and partner leaders, virtual “capos” around the world, has spiralled the world into madness.

Behind it all, a “perfect storm,” Donald Trump, a psychopathic bumbler with low normal intelligence and a penchant for drawing to him the angry, the fearful and the hate ridden.

For four ugly years, the world has been subjected to a denial of science, a denial of basic human rights and freedoms, economic warfare, continual threats of nuclear war and an America guided by incompetence.

For four ugly years, the level of human suffering around the world has risen at the hands of a cabal lead by American leaders who have hidden behind a veil of fake Christianity while pursuing policies ridden by bigotry and racism.

For four ugly years, the world’s media, social and otherwise, has been infected with cults manufactured by rogue intelligence agencies and their criminal partners, the bizarre mythology of Qanon, supported by Donald Trump, promising a “new tomorrow.”

That tomorrow, and this cult has spread around the world, is dime store fascism of the ilk that infected the planet nearly a century ago.

For four ugly years, up was down, right was wrong, good was bad and too many, drowning in a sea of weakness, sought not only to push the world into conflict but to do so on behalf of principles based not on human progress or social justice but on a return to slavery.

For four ugly years, the United States stood as an example of how a people could lose their souls.

There is a new sheriff in town. From the New York Times:

“ President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. is poised to unleash a series of executive actions on his first day in the Oval Office, prompting what is likely to be a yearlong effort to unwind President Trump’s domestic agenda and immediately signal a wholesale shift in the United States’ place in the world.

In the first hours after he takes the oath of office on the West Front of the Capitol at noon on Jan. 20, Mr. Biden has said, he will send a letter to the United Nations indicating that the country will rejoin the global effort to combat climate change, reversing Mr. Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord with more than 174 countries.

Mr. Biden’s afternoon will be a busy one.

He has vowed that on Day 1 he will move rapidly to confront the coronavirus pandemic by appointing a “national supply chain commander” and establishing a “pandemic testing board,” similar to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wartime production panel. He has said he will restore the rights of government workers to unionize. He has promised to order a new fight against homelessness and resettle more refugees fleeing war. He has pledged to abandon Mr. Trump’s travel ban on mostly Muslim countries and to begin calling foreign leaders in an attempt to restore trust among the United States’ closest allies.”

Addressing climate change is a first step for the United States to rejoin the world community, the community of responsible and respected nations. Denial of climate change is only one of the ugly policies embraced as America descended into rule by conspiracy theory, bizarre theories that always enriched Trump’s powerful friends in the fossil fuel pollution business.

Those overseas, subject to deeply censored or carelessly incompetent new media, seldom saw the devastation wrought by Trump and his gangster goons, what they did to the United States and its people.

It was far more than a few thousand children who would spend months, now years, living in cages. 545 of those children no longer have parents anyone can find. Are they dead, deported to the ends of the earth, imprisoned in some hole, nobody knows?

What also became clear to Americans is that the cults that grew up in the 19th century such as the Ku Klux Klan or the Black Legion of the 20th century could somehow rise out of the ashes under the guise of populism and reform, at the hands of the powerful spin masters of Google and Facebook.

Thirty percent or more of America’s population were, to an extent, criminalized and diminished while those who still knew right from wrong were stripped of any voice at all.

That ship has sailed.

Americans learned so much, now a majority of decent Americans, that the law enforcement community inside the United States is utterly corrupt, not just racist, but partnered now, decades, maybe longer, with criminal elements.

The regional fiefdoms set up by what is called “courthouse gangs,” a local sheriff, the public prosecutor and judges chosen by special interest groups, rule rural America on behalf of a blend of privileged elites and traffickers, narcotics, human beings, anything that pays.

Police in not just dozens, but hundreds of communities across the United States embrace membership in fascist gangs while enriching themselves on payoffs from drug cartels and brothel owners.

To an extent, this has always gone on in the United States as corruption is endemic where force without reason rules.

However, for four ugly years, the world of America became the rule of law, supported by daily tweets and endless pronouncements, not just by Donald Trump but by those around him, a cabal of the like the world hasn’t seen since 1933 Germany.

Kushner for Ribbentrop, William Barr for Himmler, two sons vie for the role of Goering with the rest of the cast of the Nuremberg Trials soon to be cast out as well, a litany of small and ugly men and unnatural women.

For four ugly years, lies, so many they are counted and jested about, became the norm. These were not innocent lies, not hardly.

For four ugly years, the rights of Americans were stripped away by “presidential dictates” that should never have been possible, stripping away the authority of courts and the legislative authority. The people lost every role in government, every role in securing and safeguarding their own lives.

Anyone could be targeted news. With a very few minor changes, the famous quote from Martin Niemoeller became an everyday reality for more than 100 million Americans targeted by the Trump regime:

First, they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

Yes, as predicted, they even came for the Jews, as QAnon’s bizarre ramblings settled into blaming the Jews for the world’s wrongs while Trump’s followers migrated from symbols of the slave-owning Confederacy to the ever so predictable swastika.

The world is now looking to Biden, Pakistan, Syria, Iran certainly, Yemen, nation after nation waking up to uncertainty as to how to deal with a United States no longer controlled by criminals.

Can Netanyahu survive without Trump’s protection, both drowning in accusations of financial misconduct and, worse still, manipulating events for profit?

How will Russia deal with an America after Trump, a leader superficially friendly to Moscow while also dragging Russia into a nuclear arms race?

Here is the deal; just perhaps things can change and that America waking up may well be a catalyst. The American people have, to the extent allowed, drained their own swamp.

With America turning away from dictatorship, what now can be done elsewhere? There are other hard questions as well, first among them as to how the world allowed the United States to take control, both militarily and economically, of the planet while descending into anarchy at home?

Balance disappeared. Will balance be restored?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

Democrats, Never-Trumpers compiling ‘lists’ of Trump supporters in case ‘they try to deny complicity’ in future

Tar and feather all these opportunist cave dwellers

Democrats, Never-Trumpers compiling 'lists' of Trump supporters in case 'they try to deny complicity' in future
Democrats and conservative critics of President Donald Trump have begun creating ‘blacklists’ of his staff and supporters, apparently hoping to shun them from polite society as divisions grow wider amid a contentious election.

As ballots continue to be tallied across several battleground states three days after Americans hit the polls to select their next president, knives are coming out among some of Trump’s detractors. A new initiative dubbed the “Trump Accountability Project” is compiling names of administration officials and the president’s high-profile supporters and donors, insisting “we must never forget those who helped further the Trump agenda.”

While the project doesn’t say how it will use its blacklist to ensure “accountability,” the registry has already swelled to hundreds of names, including dozens of sitting judges, and continues to grow as others in the anti-Trump orbit come around to the idea. The list was publicly viewable for a brief time, but was locked by its creators on Friday evening without explanation, evidently defeating its purpose altogether.

Among the project’s supporters is Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York), who called to document the “tweets, writings [and] photos” of “Trump sycophants” so that they can’t “deny their complicity” with the current administration.

The congresswoman soon prompted a response from Obama administration alum Michael Simon, a member of the Accountability Project team, who vowed to compile the names of “every administration staffer, campaign staffer, bundler, lawyer who represented them – everyone.”

In a stroke of irony, Simon sent his reply down the memory hole in a matter of hours, telling mathematician and commentator Eric Weinstein that the tweet was too “strident” after the latter mockingly suggested “solitary confinement” and “executions” for those on the blacklist. Simon’s deleted post was preserved for posterity in screenshots, however – as one netizen pointed out, “the internet is forever.” Simon later scrubbed his response to Weinstein as well, and shortly thereafter locked his entire Twitter handle from the prying eyes of the public.


The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin – who until September styled herself as a “conservative opinion writer” – also endorsed the blacklist initiative, saying Republicans questioning the result of the 2020 race “should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into ‘polite’ society.”

We have a list.

Like Weinstein – who was joined by his brother, Bret – a host of conservative commentators also saw dark undertones in the effort to compile lists, with Will Chamberlain of Human Events going as far to suggest that they would be used to “strip [people] of their rights and property.”

“Have fun with your little Listallnacht project. Those always turn out well,”tweeted Federalist co-founder Sean Davis. “Are you going to make your targets wear certain types of clothing for identification purposes?”

Other netizens also weighed in to slam the idea, one asking whether the blacklists would be used to “hold some kind of Nuremberg trial” for Trump supporters, while another charged that the project would only “fan the flames” and intensify “the polarization plaguing our nation.”

While the blacklisters appear to be taking Trump’s electoral defeat as a foregone conclusion, no winner has yet been declared in the 2020 race as reams of mail-in ballots continue to be counted. Democratic nominee Joe Biden is nearing the 270 electoral votes needed for victory, but close contests across Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia could still shake up the outcome and open up a path to victory for the incumbent.

A 20-Year-Old Book Suggests China Is Already Quietly at WAR Against Us

by Robert Wheeler

October 28, 2020

October 14, Chinese President Xi Jinping appeared in Chaozhou City on a visit to the Marine Corps in the Southern province of Guangdong. He addressed the soldiers there and urged them to “maintain a state of high alert” and “put all [their] minds and energy on preparing for war.”

He urged soldiers to be “absolutely loyal” and “reliable” in these times. Jinping did not elaborate on why he needed to voice those words now. He has also recently made and delivered more aggressive and direct statements by CCP members and even Chinese military members.

Why would Chinese President Xi urge soldiers to prepare for war?

It may surprise many readers that the Chinese President would be so bold as to suggest that war is on the horizon. After all, it’s undeniable that the United States, Western Europe, and the United Nations built China from the blood-soaked nation of Communist horror that it was into the industrial powerhouse that it is today.

Western nations, particularly the United States, did so by sending essential manufacturing jobs to China. The U.N. allowed China to join the WTO as a “developing” nation. That description still maintains today. Despite all the international assistance China has received in building itself up to today’s powerhouse, China has always preferred to play the long game. Preparing to become the leader of the world’s affairs and eventually even dominate the United States.

Is China on the verge of becoming the world’s superpower?

After the United States squandered its credibility, economy, and manpower in wars overseas, it seems even more likely China will do just that. The United States’ struggles may be just the opening China needs to advance the Made in China 2025 strategy, an attempt to become the world’s superpower in technology, manufacturing, and cybertechnology. Part of their strategy is to buy up Western businesses.

While the West has been shipping jobs overseas, even manufacturing sectors that are important to national security like medical supplies, China is poised to assume its global standard-bearer role. China has been preparing to take the United States down for at least twenty years.

Unrestricted Warfare,” the book written by two Chinese colonels, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, focuses on how China can defeat an opponent seen as technologically superior, such as the United States.

Keep in mind Unrestricted Warfare was written in 1999, before China’s leap forward in technological and military development. Still, the book does not focus on direct military vs. military war doctrine but a victory with the absence of military involvement. Keep in mind this book and its description of these tactics was written twenty years ago. (An updated version was made available in 2017, but is only available on Kindle in the United States. in Europe, however, you can also buy the updated version in paperback or hardcover.)

What are some of these 20-year-old methods mentioned?

Trade War – “Some of the means used include: the use of domestic trade law on the international stage; the arbitrary erection and dismantling of tariff barriers; the use of hastily written trade sanctions; the imposition of embargoes on exports of critical technologies; the use of the Special Section 301 law; and the application of most-favored-nation (MFN) treatment, etc., etc. Anyone of these means can have a destructive effect that is equal to that of a military operation.”

Notice that the authors mention trade wars, which are taking place today between China and the U.S. A “trade war” became a necessity if one wanted to claw back the jobs sent to China decades ago since China would not let them go back willingly. It also points out how removing tariffs and “Most-Favored-Nation” trade status used as weapons.

Financial War – What is more, such a defeat on the economic front precipitates a near-collapse of the social and political order. The casualties resulting from the constant chaos are no less than those resulting from a regional war, and the injury done to the living social organism even exceeds the injury inflicted by a regional war.

Many have suggested that WWIII would be an economic one. China was clearly paying attention to the Western tactics used worldwide then (and currently still being used) to destroy sovereign governments who refused to follow Washington’s dictates. Today’s China has been hard at work with the same tactics, creating its version of the book’s foundations.

Terrorism – Due to the limited scale of a traditional terror war, its casualties might well be fewer than the casualties resulting from a conventional war or campaign. Nevertheless, a traditional terror war carries a stronger flavor of violence. Moreover, in terms of its operations, a traditional terror war is never bound by any of the traditional rules of the society at large. From a military standpoint, then, the traditional terror war is characterized by the use of limited resources to fight an unlimited war.

This characteristic invariably puts national forces in an extremely unfavorable position even before War breaks out, since national forces must always conduct themselves according to certain rules and therefore are only able to use their unlimited resources to fight a limited war.

Many terrorist organizations and attacks, such as the simultaneous attacks on the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam are mentioned in this portion of the book. Also mentioned are terrorists using new high technologies combined with their other methods. The authors even said these new technologies would evolve into superweapons.

Terrorism and urban warfare described in these paragraphs may have seemed impossible to create on a massive scale in the United States before and even after 9/11. However, decades of economic decay, destruction of the family unit, degradation of the education system, mainstream media, and social media outlets have combined to create the perfect storm for violence. One need only look as far as the recent battles in most major American cities’ streets to see that such urban warfare and abject chaos are beginning to take hold in the United States.

Ecological War – Ecological War refers to a new type of non-military warfare in which modern technology is employed to influence the natural state of rivers, oceans, the crust of the earth, the polar ice sheets, the air circulating in the atmosphere, and the ozone layer. By methods such as causing earthquakes and altering precipitation patterns, the atmospheric temperature, the composition of the atmosphere, sea level height, and sunshine patterns, the earth’s physical environment is damaged or an alternate local ecology is created. Perhaps before very long, a man-made El Nino or La Nina effect will become yet another kind of superweapon in the hands of certain nations and/or non-state organizations.

This one is interesting. The Chinese military knows and is willing to speak openly about a human-made superweapon used to damage the earth. Meanwhile, Western governments continue to claim this is “conspiracy theory” nearly twenty years on.

Are there any other tactics mentioned?

Psychological War – “Spreading rumors to intimidate the enemy and break down his will” (Example)

Smuggling War – “Throwing markets into confusion and attacking economic order”

Media War – “Manipulating what people see and hear in order to lead public opinion along” (Example)

Drug War – “obtaining sudden and huge illicit profits by spreading disaster in other countries”

Network War – “Venturing out in secret and concealing ones identity in a type of warfare that is virtually impossible to guard against” (Example)

Technological War – “creating monopolies by setting standards independently”

Fabrication War – “presenting a counterfeit appearance of real strength before the eyes of the enemy”

Resources War – “grabbing riches by plundering stores of resources”

Economic Aid War – “bestowing favor in the open and contriving to control matters in secret”

Cultural War – “leading cultural trends along in order to assimilate those with different views” (Example)

International Law War – “seizing the earliest opportunity to set up regulations”

China is contributing and benefiting from America’s chaos

Brandon Turbeville warned of these strategies in his articles, where he pointed out the Chinese long game. Like the United States, it is a game of empire, but it is the tortoise instead of the hare.

China has finally seen the finish line. America is burning its credibility overseas with each bombed dropped, and it is wasting its valuable resources in the process. It is drumming up hatred and driving developing nations into the arms of China as it threatens and proceeds to overthrow sovereign governments.

Though improving under the Trump administration’s meager implementation of Americanist policies, its economy is a shell of its former self. The American people are more divided than ever, thanks to the insidious mainstream corporate media.

Has a war started without a shot being fired?

China did not cause any of this, but we have to be smart enough to realize that it is and will continue to benefit them and they will take advantage of it.

As an American, watch nearly every aspect of the tactics listed in the “Unrestricted Warfare” book take shape before your eyes and ask yourself, “Has the potential war with China already quietly started without the shooting?”

Trump Doubles Down on Coup D’État

Finian Cunningham

November 12, 2020

For the first time in the history of the United States, an incumbent president is refusing to concede electoral defeat. Ominously, Donald Trump, the sitting president, has this week also packed the Pentagon’s civilian leadership and intel agencies with political loyalists who are described as his “foot-soldiers”.

The flurry of appointees are former special forces and generals. Here is a profile of the president’s men. One Pentagon insider said of them: “These are the people who go in and do whatever they think is required to achieve his [Trump’s] agenda. They are true soldiers in the war on government, the war on what Trump calls the deep state.”

The shakeup in the military-intelligence apparatus has stunned observers from its audacity. There is speculation that Trump will next sack the Pentagon’s top general Mark Milley, FBI chief Christopher Wray and CIA Director Gina Haspel, to be replaced by “true believers” of his Make America Great Again project.

There is an edgy feeling that Trump, a maverick megalomaniac, is actually going for it. That is, a coup d’état.

But this can’t happen here, or so goes the plaintive refrain. Well, it looks like it is.

A stunning bold-faced denial of reality this week came from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who told incredulous reporters that there would be a “smooth transition”… to a second Trump administration.

Most of the Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill are refusing to acknowledge publicly that Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential election – despite him gaining a decisive lead of more than five million votes over Trump as well as in the all-important Electoral College votes.

Trump-appointed Attorney General William Barr is brazenly politicizing the justice department by endorsing Trump’s calls for investigations and lawsuits over allegations of voting fraud and other purported irregularities. There is negligible evidence to support these allegations, many of which have been thrown out already by state judges as frivolous. But Barr is giving inordinate authority to shore up what amounts to tittle-tattle from a sore loser.

State election officials, both Republican and Democrat, have unanimously reported no significant electoral fraud or malfeasance.

Republican city commissioner in Philadelphia Al Schmidt, in the key swing state of Pennsylvania which was won by Biden, confirmed there were no voting irregularities. He was then denounced as “disloyal” by Trump. Schmidt also claims to have subsequently received death threats.

Strangely, too, Trump and Republicans in Congress aren’t complaining about fraud in the down-ballot votes for the House and the Senate races where they performed relatively well in gaining or holding on to seats. Even though those ballots were cast in the exact same process as the presidential vote. How can one item on the ballot sheet be prone to fraud, but the ones which suit Republicans aren’t? It’s self-serving duplicity that’s what it is.

What Team Trump is betting on is not winning litigation over the election results. There is not a chance of the president overturning the large majorities that Biden won in key swing states. No, the game plan seems to be to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the elections and run out the clock so that Republican legislatures in states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona do not certify Biden as the winner of the popular vote.

Moreover, it is being mooted that Republican legislatures in these states will appoint electors to the Electoral College who will nominate Trump as the winner, in defiance of the popular vote. The Electoral College is to convene on December 14 when the deciding vote is cast on who is to be next president. Tradition and precedent holds that the state electors respect the popular vote, but this election is unprecedented. It is not unthinkable that Trump will continue insisting that the election was stolen from him by citing (baseless) fraud claims. For many of his 72 million voters, there is a shared conviction (delusion) that the election was rigged or absurdly contend that the coronavirus was “weaponized”.

Biden won over 77 million votes in the popular ballot. If Trump goes for barricading himself in the White House claiming he is the rightful winner, then the U.S. faces a constitutional nightmare scenario. Widespread violent protests are on the cards, if not civil war. Already Trump hacks have prepared the propaganda narrative that any protests against Trump are the work of “Antifa subversives” and “Marxist terrorists”. We saw that outlandish narrative being wheeled out during the recent months of legitimate massive protests against racist police killings.

As tensions boil over in the run-up to the presidential inauguration date on January 2o, what Trump and his cadres will declare is a state of emergency and martial law to “protect the nation” from leftists and “deep state” orchestrated “color revolution” against a “democratically elected president”.

This is the significance of the shakeup at the Pentagon and intelligence apparatus this week. Trump is putting in place the kind of fascist operatives to carry out his coup d’état.

Ironically, Trump claims he was the target of coup forces from the deep state after his 2016 election victory over “swamp creature” Hillary Clinton. To be fair to Trump, that effort to unseat him was real enough, centered on baseless “Russia collusion” claims that dogged his entire presidency. However, that coup attempt failed. But now another seizure of power is underway this time hatched by Trump himself and his cronies.

Biden and his Democrat party are being sheepishly complacent about the dramatic and daring power grab taking place by Trump. Biden this week sought to sound calm and cool, saying that Trump’s refusal to concede defeat was merely “embarrassing”. Biden really is being “sleepy Joe” if he doesn’t realize that there is a coup going down in the White House.

Another sign of complacency was from the New York Times which headlined: ‘Trump Stacks the Pentagon and Intel Agencies with Loyalists. To What End?’

The NY Times answered its question by speculating Trump was planning overseas adventurism, perhaps a military attack on Iran or a rushed withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

How stupidly complacent. Trump’s adventurism is not overseas, it is right at home. It’s all about trashing the U.S. constitution and installing himself for a second term regardless of democratic mandate. In short, dictatorship.

SOTT Earth Changes Summary – October 2020: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Record early snow, record cold, huge hail, raging wildfires, deadly floods, droughts, powerful volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, amazing meteor fireballs… you name it, this October had it all.
It would not be too much of an exaggeration to say that this month was the most extreme weather-packed of 2020, and even of past years. We advise everyone to pay attention to these events and prepare accordingly. This was the coldest October ever recorded for the US with a lot of early snow records broken around the world.
Record-breaking snowfall blanketed US states from Montana to New Mexico, and record cold temperatures were shattered in parts of the West and Midwest US. Lyman, Wyoming broke all cold records with -35° C; Potomac, Montana reached -33.9°C; and Boise, Idaho reached -13°C, breaking the old record of -8°C in 1878… and we’re only in the second month of autumn. A “Tree carnage” was reported in Oklahoma City after a powerful ice storm.
Vegetation and power lines collapsed, leaving up to 300,000 without power. British Columbia, Canada got blanketed with snowfall that broke a 120-year-old record, while 80% of Russia was covered, to one extent or another, in the white stuff. Dig out your winter woollies, because if these trends continue, this winter could be a doozie! Strangely enough, and possibly linked, for the first time in recorded history, the arctic ocean had not begun to freeze this October, and Greenland ice season stopped a month early. But that does not mean “global warming”, rather, it’s caused by changing ocean currents, and increasing volcanic activity; both symptoms of the solar minimum we are currently in. Corporate media is trying to focus on some warm “spots” around the world, or to normalize what seems to be the beginning of a mini ice age, while “globalist” types plan an economic, political, and social “reset”, using COVID as a cover.
Just to add to the dystopian feel, crop damage caused by extreme weather is fast becoming a new normal around the world, putting food security in question. Along with that: As well as natural disasters devastating crop growth, the insane response to the coronavirus crisis and losing the value of the currency in Western nations, in particular, have made the production, availability, purchasing, and distribution of food – a MAJOR global issue the likes of which we haven’t seen in generations. This year’s typhoon season in Asia has been devastating. Molave was the fourth storm to hit the nation’s central region in less than three weeks, leaving communities no time to recover before being hit again… and harder. Tens of thousands were evacuated in Cambodia after raging floods that destroyed more than 369,000 hectares of crops. Widespread floods have killed 40 and displaced millions in Southeast Asia.
A deadly 7.0 earthquake hit parts of Turkey and Greece, toppling buildings in İzmir, killing at least 92, and injuring hundreds. The tremor triggered small tidal surges that hit coastal areas and islands in both Turkey and Greece. Last but not least, we had an amazing display of meteor fireballs this month too, 4 of them in Brazil in just two weeks! All this and more in our SOTT Earth Changes Summary for October 2020: