One thought on “Podcasts for the Pandemic 1”

  1. Interesting video. There conclusion that “THEY” are not human is of course correct. But not knowing who/what they are or what their agenda is doesn’t help Earthians decide on what to do. Well, I’ve known who/what they are most of my life. They are Time Lords. Their “local” headquarters are in the Orion system. Man’s major gods were always members of the Time Lord hierarchy. Their agenda is to squeeze their conquered worlds for the energy that comes from sentient life. They are universal vampires. As they lose world after world to a growing revolution against them, they simply squeeze the others more. Earth is being squeezed harder and harder and that is what’s causing all the mayhem and chaos at every bureaucratic level within man’s civilization. This squeezing will only increase, never stop. Every set of rulers in every nation will be forced to join in the squeezing. Militaries will be forced together to control people, to round them up and incarcerate them. Fear is the main controlling “implement” in the arsenal of mental controls used by Time Lord bureaucracy. I can’t go into the whole sordid history of how these inhuman monstrosities came into this universe and went about controlling and enslaving world after world. But yes, in any enslaved sentient world like Earth, all life on those worlds is to be farmed, milked, forced to labour for nothing, constantly disenfranchised, impoverished, weakened physically and eliminated when their productivity false below the “acceptable” level. Think stalags and gulags. Those were testing/training grounds for global implementation. It’s all there for anyone to see, if people would ‘awaken’ and speaking of, it’s past my bedtime.

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